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Timesheet System



External Audit


Chili and Co. audit methodology has been developed to comply with the International Standards on Auditing. Our professional teams are trained continuously to update knowledge effectively and efficiently. We express an independent opinion on the financial statements prepared in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework and legislation.


We evaluate whether the financial statements:


  • Comply with the fundamental accounting concepts
  • Property accounting for all material matters
  • Account for the substance of matters and not merely the form
  • Are based on appropriate, generally accepted accounting principles
  • Are adequately informative about matters affecting their use, understanding and interpretation
  • Are classified, summarised and presented in a reasonable manner
  • Correctly reflect the results of operations and the financial position o the entity
  • Comply with statutory requirements.


Our audit professionals evaluate and report on compliance with:


  • Legislation relating to financial matters
  • Financial matters
  • Performance information
  • Comply with the fundamental accounting concepts


Other attest services:


Preparation of special reports and certificates arising from examinations; reviews or agreed upon procedures.


Perfomance Audit


Our audit professionals perform independent audit of the management measures instituted by an entity to ensure the economical procurement and efficient and effective utilisation of resources.


  • Economical

    To procure resources of the right quality in the right quantities at the right time and place at the lowest possible cost.

  • Efficient

    To achieve the optimal relationship between the output of goods, services or results and resources used to produce them.

  • Effective

    To achieve policy objectives, operational goals and other intended effects.