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Forensic Services Division


Our Forensic Services Division is a multifaceted team and comprises of Forensic Investigators, Advocates, Attorneys and Auditing personnel. This team is well seasoned and has been carefully selected from ex-South African Police Service Commercial Crime Component investigators, qualified Advocates & Attorneys, ex Prosecutors and Auditors, who operate within the South African legal framework. They, as an integrated team, have comprehensive working understanding of our Criminal & Statutory Law and the Criminal Procedure Act.


They also have vast knowledge and experience in the preparation of criminal matters for trial and the presentation of evidence at such trials. All of our investigators have extensive experience in the interviewing of witnesses and suspects during the course of their investigations and affidavits obtained from such people have always been admissible in court as witness testimony or admissions/confessions.

These investigators are also equipped with the knowledge and experience to assist the Prosecutors with the prosecution of the criminal matters and jointly prepare the evidence for trial to ensure that the State’s case is presented correctly. They are well known at the Durban Regional Court and at the newly formed Commercial Crime Court at John Ross House where they are busy assisting with the prosecution of several matters that total millions of rands.


With at least three Advocates on the team, this division is well equipped to assist in any litigation that is required. Recently, this team participated in the Social Welfare investigation as part of the Sihlangene Consortium and was very successful in their role as a forensic team.